Palmetto Cheese Top 20 Serving Tips

If you just can’t seem to get enough Palmetto Cheese into your diet, then you’re in the right place.  Below are twenty serving tips that are sure to please your family and friends. The serving tips below are in no particular order. If you have a serving suggestion that isn’t listed below, please send us a comment.

pimento cheese with ritz crackers1. Tub for one –  grab a spoon, a tub of Original or Jalapeno Palmetto Cheese, and enjoy!  Simplicity at it’s best.

If you like to dip crackers, chips with your cheese, by all means grab those too.

Palmetto Cheese Sandwich2. Pimento Cheese Sandwich – two slices of white bread with Jalapeno or Original Palmetto Cheese.

Click here for our step by step directions if you’re a newbie to the pimento cheese sandwich.

3. Grilled Pimento Cheese Sandwich – you would think it’s the same thing as a pimento cheese sandwich, but you would be wrong.  Sure, the basic setup is the same, white bread and Palmetto Cheese, but after that is where it becomes so much better.  Slather both sides of your sandwich with some olive oil or butter.  Place sandwich onto a heated skillet or a grill and brown each side.  Warm bread with melted Palmetto Cheese inside, a grilled cheese sandwich never tasted so good.

Pimento Cheese topped hamburger4. Palmetto Cheeseburger – throw away that slice of imitation American cheese that you were going to put on your hamburger.  Spoon Palmetto Cheese on top of your burger and let melt slightly.

You won’t have a cheeseburger any other way after you try it.

Pimento Cheese cornbread5. Palmetto Cheese Cornbread – mix it into the batter or scoop on top before baking to ensure every slice of cornbread gives you a taste of Palmetto Cheese.

Make this recipe here.

Palmetto Cheese Sticks

6. Palmetto Cheese Sticks with Spicy Ranch Dipping Sauce – mounds of Ritz cracker crusted pimento cheese deep fried to a golden brown.  What could possibly make this any better?  How about creamy ranch dressing with hot sauce to dip it all in.  The complete recipe is available on our website, view here.

Palmetto Cheese Mac n Cheese7. Palmetto Macaroni and Cheese – this age old family staple is a must for every occasion.  The addition of Palmetto Cheese to the recipe takes it to the next level.

Add a little spice by using Jalapeno Palmetto Cheese.  View the recipe here.

Buffalo Chicken Dip8. Buffalo Chicken Dip – chicken tenders tossed together with bleu cheese dressing, cream cheese, Jalapeno Palmetto Cheese and buffalo wing sauce is a combination that is sure to please the spicy food lovers in your family.  Not into spicy food? Simply omit the buffalo wing sauce and use Original Palmetto Cheese. Leaving out the spice, but keeping all the flavor!! Need the recipe, click here.

Palmetto Chicken Cordon Bleu9. Palmetto Chicken Cordon Bleu – the Grand Prize winner from our Soulful Recipe Contest submitted by Brewster Buck.  Breaded chicken breast stuffed with ham and Palmetto Cheese topped with a light PC cream sauce. Your family will continue to request this delightful dish for dinner so be warned.

View the recipe here.

Palmetto Cheese Dip10. Palmetto Cheese Sausage Dip – brown off a pound of breakfast sausage, mix in a cup of salsa, a tub of Palmetto Cheese and simmer.  Serve with your favorite bread, crackers or chips.

Makes for a great dinner appetizer or party snack. View the recipe here.

Pimento Cheese crab dip

11. Palmetto Cheese Crab Dip – if you would rather have seafood instead of sausage, then crab dip is where it’s at.  Mix a 16 oz can of crabmeat (claw or lump) with a tub of Palmetto Cheese.  Bake in the oven until hot, about 45 minutes depending on how deep your baking dish is.  Serve crab dip as an appetizer with bread or crackers.  You can also top your beef, poultry of fish dish with the crab dip to impress your dinner guests.

Pimento Cheese Ring12. Palmetto Cheese Ring -It is holiday season! Easy, peazy, sure-fire appetizer:
– Mix 3 containers PC with 1 cup lightly toasted pecan pieces.
– Mold the mixture into a ring (you can put a small bowl in the middle to help you mold the inside of the ring into a consistent shape).
– Serve with pepper jelly in the center.
Garnish as the holiday spirit moves you (in this case, Rosemary around it and a creative bow using red bell pepper carvings in the front).

13. Baked Palmetto Cheese
Place one 12 oz. container Palmetto Cheese (flavor of your choice) in an oven safe casserole dish. Top with crushed Ritz crackers. Bake at 350° for 20 minutes. Serve with Frito Scoops. Enjoy!

Pimento Cheese Grits14. Palmetto Cheese Grits – you’re in the South now and we’re all about our grits.  You can eat them plain if you want to, but we add Palmetto Cheese to ours.  Mix it in and place a scoop on top for extra measure.  You’ll wonder why you haven’t done this sooner.

15. Palmetto Cheese Omelette – make your scrambled eggs or omelette as you normally would, but top them off with some Palmetto Cheese.

English Muffin with pimento cheese16. Palmetto Cheese English Muffin – start off the morning right with a toasted english muffin, bagel, or croissant topped with Original or Jalapeno Palmetto Cheese.

Add some bacon or sausage for a great breakfast sandwich.

PImento Cheese chowder17. Palmetto Cheese Chowder – as the weather turns cold, this flavorful chowder will keep away the chills. Top with crispy bacon and slices of green onion.

Start making the soup here.

Palmetto Cheese Straws18. Palmetto Cheese Straws – a light and crispy snack that will give you an alternative to serving chips and pretzels at your next get together. These are easier to make if you have a cookie press or a pastry bag to pipe these out into the correct shape.  This will ensure even cooking.

View recipe here.

Pimento Cheese jalapenos19. Bacon wrapped Palmetto Cheese Jalapenos – turn up the heat on your next tailgating party with this recipe.  Make sure you’ve got plenty of drinks on hand!!

Learn how to make these here.

Pimento Cheese clams20. Palmetto Clams -Go get some clams at the store, or preferably in one of South Carolina’s pristine marshes. Freeze clams in zip lock bags. Don’t add water. And when you are ready to have a phenomenal appetizer: Remove clams from freezer. Run water over them for several minutes to keep the shells from cracking. Insert knife and open, cutting clam in 2; lay out half shells on baking pan (1/2 of clam on each shell). Allow to thaw and drain for approx 30 to 45 minutes. Cut the clam clear of the shell before applying toppings. (it will be easier to eat out of the shell later!)
Put bits of bacon, thin slice of jalapeno, and Palmetto Cheese on top.
Place into a metal pie pan and cook on the grill for 8 -11 minutes or until clams have cooked. Serve with Louisiana hot sauce

For additional serving tips and recipes for Palmetto Cheese please visit the Serving Tips section of our website – view here. If you’ve got a serving tip to share, please leave us a comment below.


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  1. Laura says:

    Love all the ideals!

  2. saturday evening porch says:

    Love it! Been eating your pimento cheese since I was at the Seaview Inn in 1970.

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