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Read some of our favorite customer comments and stories submitted through our website and our Facebook page. If you would like to give us your feedback on Palmetto Cheese, please use the comment box found at the bottom of this page.  We appreciate you taking the time to give us your feedback.

Monique Mixson
I feel like an “un-official” spokesperson for Palmetto Cheese. Every time I’m in the store and I see someone looking at it, I tell them to buy it and they will NEVER buy another brand. Recently I was in a Publics in the Perimeter area of Atlanta. I went to buy snacks and some finger foods for a class I was in for Marriott. I came across Palmetto Cheese and bought the last 3 they had. A customer was watching me and saw how excited I was to find the Palmetto Cheese. She asked me about it and I told her how good it was and that she should try it. She said that she would, but I had gotten the last one. I kindly offered her one of the three I had and she accepted. I even told her that I’d give her my cell # and that if it wasn’t the best Pimento Cheese she’s ever eaten to call me and I’d send her money to cover the cost. Several isles later in the store I ran into her again….she had a box of Ritz crackers and was eating her Palmetto Cheese right in the store. When she saw me she quickly told me that she wanted the other 2 containers I had in my buggy. Also she could not thank me enough for telling her about it.
Y’all keep up the good work and I’ll keep spreading the word about the best pimento cheese ever, Palmetto Cheese!!!

Sonja Forrester
Palmetto Cheese has become a true staple in my kitchen. I’ve modified so many recipes using the original and the jalapeno. All my friends in The Woodlands/Houston, Texas are hooked. And here in Gastonia we are planning an Iron Chef Challenge among my foodie friends and neighbors with Palmetto Cheese as the secret ingredient (not so much a secret), but I expect to be blown away…not hard with such a phenomenal product.

Adam Lewis – New York, NY
Oh my gawd! A friend brought back a container from Charleston and I have been in hog heaven. While I live in New York, I still have real red Southern mud between my toes and am proud to be a Florida cracker. Your Palmetto Cheese is as close to homemade as I have ever had. Thank you and thank you for the memory of what good eatin’ is all about. Keep up to good work. Your mama would be real proud of you.

Anne Davis
I had my first container of Palmetto Cheese yesterday and I must say, “Trust me, it is unbelievably fantastic!” I will never be without at least 4 containers in my fridge. I am a neighbor of Jim Henry’s and I just called him to tell his how proud I am of his son and daughter-in-law and am so happy for them. They have a real winner with this product. My husband and I stood at the kitchen counter and ate the whole container yesterday! I got up early and went to the grocery and stocked up! Thanks for such a great, tasty product!

Susan Reardon – Mt. Pleasant, SC
It was “love at first bite” when I sampled your Palmetto Cheese with jalapeno. My breakfast each day is grits with a big scoop of Palmetto Cheese. Sometimes my lunch is crackers and PC. Or a toasted PC sandwich with soup. It has become my hostess gift,
birthday, whatever gift to the the “uninitiated” that become instant
converts. Thank you for a pure, perfect product that exceeds expectation. Long may you produce.

Jake Rau
Just wanted to drop by to tell you…::kicking around in the dust:: Well…that I, just wanted to tell you…why, I just LOVE Ya’ll! I’m 40 years old and have started packing my own lunch again after finding your product a few months ago. I had sworn off ALL Pimento cheese products (well, except for the one’s that come in the ‘lil green baggies at The Master’s one week a year) – but now I don’t find it necessary to go out to lunch every single day! THANK YOU, you folks are the greatest. : )

Esther Cope
Thanks…my family truly loves this product, in fact, I have tried to get my local Food Lion to stock it, but instead, they know I leave them to go to BiL0 to complete my grocery shopping 🙂

Robin Downing – Augusta, GA
My husband has been after me to look your company up on the computer. He thinks we should order your “Palmetto Cheese with Jalapenos” by the gallon. We have three growing boys in our house, and we can never keep enough of your product in the house. We eat it with celery, lettuce leaves, Wheat Thins, etc.
I first tried your product in Edisto, and then noticed our local Bi-Lo carrying it. I have now officially converted my family from Fresh Market Pimento Cheese to your Palmetto Cheese. I am quickly introducing it to our friends!! Great Product!!

Sara Betterton – Johns Island, SC
My husband and I are hooked. Thought you would like to know that we stopped in at the new Publix on Savannah Hwy. [Johns Island] this afternoon to get some of your pimento cheese with jalapenos. We passed up having lunch in town thinking that we would prefer a sandwich with your spread at home.
There was only one container left on the shelf. We quickly grabbed it and asked the butcher whether there was more in the back. His eyes lit up and he said, “Isn’t that stuff just great? Never thought I would pay $6 for a little carton of pimento cheese, but I’m doing it.” We concurred that it is worth every penny.
Congratulations for a great product with a terrific name! From the empty shelf at Publix it appears that that the butcher and we are not the only ones pleased to have found your yummy pimento cheese. Oh, the butcher said that he would
double the order and that the shelf would be restocked by Thursday evening!

So, when I first found this site, I thought “How could any product, much less pimento cheese, possibly have SO many outstanding comments from people?? Can’t be for real.” But I took a chance, bought some, and now I am totally hooked. It’s all true and then some. Best of luck to your business and thank you for being a great example of American entrepreneurship!!!

To view additional testimonials on the Palmetto Cheese website – click here.


2 Responses to Customer Comments

  1. Barbara Sinn Bumbalough says:

    Hi Brian & Sassy,I’m Laura Sprance’s mom who surprised her at Seaview Inn for Gary’s 50th birthday party. Lovely location & delicious food & atmosphere. She’s been telling me about your Palmetto pimento cheese spread, & I tasted some at the party. Asked her to stop me at The Pig on my way to airport Sunday, so I could buy some – original & Jalapena. Afraid I couldn’t smuggle it through in my carry-on, but I DID! Am enjoying it so much for grilled sandwiches & on crackers. It’s not available in VA, but when she comes for Thanksgiving am going to give her an order for my friends here. Again, your facility is delightful, & the Palmetto pimento cheese is par excellence! Best wishes,Barbara Bumbalough

  2. Theresa Allen says:

    I have never cared for Pimento Cheese! Yuck! Last May 2010, at our end-of-the-year classroom celebration, my room mother made pimento cheese sandwiches with Palmetto Cheese and I was hooked. I love it on sandwiches, spread on saltines, and directly from the container. Matter of fact, I am working on report cards and eating it with saltines (December 2010). Thank you for making me a Pimento Cheese believer.

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