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Visit our new blog and forum at www.spreadingsoul.com. The blog features informative posts about what’s happening at Palmetto Cheese, new locations, online articles about pimento cheese, and Palmetto Cheese recipes.

To join in discussions about celebrities, southern traditions, weather, pimento cheese recipes, and everything in between visit the new Spreading Soul Forum. The forum is free and open to everyone.  We will also have random giveaways on the forum, so join in the fun, we would be happy to have you in our online community. Click here to check it out!

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Palmetto Cheese – The Pimento Cheese with Soul!

If you enjoy pimento cheese and you think you’ve had the best, we invite you to try our version of pimento cheese…we call it Palmetto Cheese. Born in the low country of South Carolina, this pimento cheese has the perfect dipping texture, a smooth taste, and is pleasing to the palate long after the last dip. The word is out…you can now buy authentic, homemade pimento cheese at your local grocery store. Palmetto Cheesehas real sharp cheddar cheese, it is real southern, and it is really good. Pick up a tub and you will see why this pimento cheese is the best on the market today.


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Palmetto Cheese with Bacon

Starting today Palmetto Cheese with Bacon!!
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Palmetto Cheese at Virginia Costco

Richmond, Newport News and Fredericksburg, Virginia Costco locations all now carry Palmetto Cheese. Please visit http://www.palmettocheese.com/locations.php for exact location info.
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Tomato Pie with Palmetto Cheese

Diced tomatoes, ricotta cheese, Palmetto Pimento Cheese, bacon, garlic and basil all baked together in a pie crust. For more info about Palmetto Cheese please visit http://www.palmettocheese.com
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New Palmetto Cheese Blog

We have moved the Palmetto Cheese blog to our website and welcome you to join us at our new home.


If you would like to receive email updates from the Palmetto Cheese Blog please click on the link below.  We use Feedburner for our blog subscriptions.  Your email will not be used by anyone other than us.  We will continue to share articles, recipes and serving tips, videos, contests and sampling schedules.  We hope that you’ll join us!!!

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Brian and Sassy Henry – Palmetto Cheese

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Recycling a Palmetto Cheese Container

Can you recycle the plastic container and lid?

Recycle Palmetto Cheese containersOur containers are made of Polypropylene (#5) plastic and our lids are made of Low Density Polyethylene (#4) plastic. These types of plastic are able to be recycled, providing the resources and facilities are present in your community. Many communities offer curb side pickup or have “drop off” locations that will accept a wide variety of plastics, including #4 and #5.

As an additional resource, the link below directs you to a website which allows you to input your zip code and the type of material you have (in the case of Palmetto Cheese, Polypropylene #5 and Low Density Polyethylene #4) to see if your community accepts these materials and where you take them if required.
Click here for more information.

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Palmetto Cheese – Grocery Store

If you see Kathy Williams at your grocery store make sure you grab some Palmetto Cheese quickly!  View the video below and you’ll see why.

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Palmetto Cheese – The Pimento Cheese with Soul! 2010

Take a look back on the year we’ve had at Palmetto Cheese. For more info, please visit http://www.palmettocheese.com or visit us on Facebook
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